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SAP in Pennsylvania

The student assistance program has been an integral part of Pennsylvania schools since 1984-85!!  Take a look at who we are - what was and what is.

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Information for SAP team members – lots of great resources to help support you on the front line of supporting student achievement!

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Upcoming SAP trainings in Pennsylvania offered by Commonwealth Approved Trainers (CATs).
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Vaping Infographics for Parents and Schools

DDAP’s State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) has been working to develop two infographics related to vaping. Each includes data on vaping-related Instagram posts with a tie in to the importance of building media literacy skills.

The infographics are attached in two formats. The png versions have a separate file for each page. The infographic titled Vaping and Media Literacy was created with schools as the audience. The infographic with the title Vaping and Pennsylvania Youth was created with parents/caregivers as the target audience. The PDF versions of these are also on our website (see links below).

Vaping and Media Literacy
Vaping and Pennsylvania Youth

Feel free to share these with any of your contacts or any other ways you think might be good for reaching their target audience of schools and parents/caregivers.

Vaping and Media Literacy - page 1 Vaping and Media Literacy - page 2 Vaping and Pennsylvania Youth - page 1 Vaping and Pennsylvania Youth - page 2
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