Liaison Best Practice Guidelines

Best Practice Guidelines for Drug & Alcohol/Mental Health Liaison Services

Guidelines Document

Liaison Frequently Asked Questions

This document is in response to questions from SAP liaisons. It is an excellent resource to refresh your understanding of liaison issues ...

Frequently Asked Questions

SAP Liaison Annual Reporting

New for 2022-23: SAP Liaison Annual Reporting (formerly Joint Quarterly Reporting System – JQRS) has been revised. The data and frequency collected has been updated.

SAP Liaison Reporting

SAP Agency Protocol

Blair County SAP Coordination Team convened a subcommittee to establish a SAP Agency Protocol for the purpose of enhancing school and agency collaboration and communication. Once developed, the SAP Agency Protocol was included in the yearly SAP letter of agreement documents. Prior to the first year of implementation, individual district meetings were held to review the protocol, and obtain signatures. The protocol is reviewed annually and revised as needed, along with other letters-of agreement documents.


Considerations for Remote Screening/Assessment

A helpful resource with suggested areas for discussion for SAP liaison agencies that may be adjusting current protocols during COVID-19.

Remote Screening/Assessment Document

SAP Liaison Handbook

DDAP’s Prevention Workgroup, in collaboration with additional representatives from PNSAS and SAP liaison agencies, has developed a SAP Liaison Handbook. This handbook was modeled after the Prevention Staff Handbook that was created two years ago. This SAP Liaison Handbook is a customizable tool for outlining important information, resources, documents, and tasks that SAP liaisons may be responsible for. We hope the handbook may be a particularly useful tool to improve the transfer of knowledge and information from existing liaisons to new liaisons. We encourage agencies to make the handbook their own by customizing the Word version to reflect the roles, responsibilities and resources relevant to their liaisons.

The handbook can be found on DDAP’s website