Liaison Best Practice Guidelines

Below you will find the newly designed joint Best Practice Guidelines for Drug & Alcohol/Mental Health Liaison Services document. Previously there were two documents, one for Mental Health and one for Drug and Alcohol liaisons. The newly designed version has combined the two documents. No changes were made to the liaison expectations.

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Liaison Frequently Asked Questions

This document is in response to questions from SAP liaisons. It is an excellent resource to refresh your understanding of liaison issues such as program fidelity, records, team process, etc. It will be helpful for liaisons and SAP teams to review and enhance their understanding of a mental health and drug and alcohol agency liaison's role(s)

Frequently Asked Questions
Joint Quarterly Reporting System

The JQRS system collects the mental health and drug and alcohol SAP data from liaisons and agencies working with SAP teams. The Joint Quarterly Reporting System (JQRS) Executive Summaries are published yearly and can be downloaded

JQRS Executive Summary

SAMPLE - SAP Agency Protocol
Blair County SAP Coordination Team convened a subcommittee to establish a SAP Agency Protocol for the purpose of enhancing school and agency collaboration and communication. Once developed, the SAP Agency Protocol was included in the yearly SAP letter of agreement documents. Prior to the first year of implementation, individual district meetings were held to review the protocol, and obtain signatures. The protocol is reviewed annually and revised as needed, along with other letters-of agreement documents.

SAP Liaison Professional Development Webinar Resources

April 24, 2018
Suicide Prevention Online Training Center: by Dr. Perri Rosen, Project Director, Garrett Lee Smith Grant PowerPoint

November 10, 2016
Strategies for Improving SAP Team Maintenance: by Dr. Susan Tarasevich that aired on November 10, 2016.
Strategies for Improving SAP Team Maintenance
Handout 1 - C and I Checklist
Handout 2 - Composite C and I Checklist
Handout 3 - PDE4092 Questions
Handout 4 - Staff Referral Feedback Form
Handout 5 - Meeting Agenda
Handout 6 - Sample Spreadsheet
SAP Staff Satisfaction Survey

September 24, 2015
Suicide Prevention in the School Setting: by Dr. Matt Wintersteen that aired on September 24, 2015 is now archived and available for viewing.

February 17, 2015
Addressing At Risk Behaviors: Could Trauma Be a Factor? Speaker: Sherry Peters, National Technical Assistance Center for Children's Mental Health
Adverse Childhood Trauma Impact
Child Trauma Toolkit for Educators
Resiliency Questionnaire

March 26, 2014
A Checklist for Effective Parent-Professional Collaboration for Professionals
A Checklist for Effective Parent-Professional Collaboration for Parents
Case Studies
Powerpoint slides

June 5, 2014
"Current Drug Trends Among Youth Across the Commonwealth" Speaker: Specialist Jerry Mitchell, Education and Outreach Unit, PA Attorney General's Office
Evidence Based Programs List
Research Based Programs Websites