Guidelines for Student Assistance Program(SAP) Coordination Teams


The mission of SAP Coordination Teams is to provide the leadership, planning and coordination necessary to implement effective SAP services at the county or county joinder level.  Focus will be placed on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Student Assistance design, which is to assist school personnel to identify issues, including alcohol, drugs and others, which pose a barrier to a student’s learning and school success.

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Teams should be comprised of six to eight members who are administrative representatives from the following:

County Mental Health/Mental Retardation
Single County Authority (SCA)
Children and Youth
Schools and School Districts
Intermediate Unit
SAP Regional Coordinator
Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Liaisons
Commonwealth Approved SAP Trainer
Other Pertinent SAP Personnel (i.e. District Council Representatives, School-Based Probation, Elementary Student Assistance personnel)
1. Promote communication, coordination and collaboration of SAP services among schools (public and nonpublic), agencies, community, parents and students.

2.  Identify needs and gaps in SAP and SAP-related services in the county/county joinder and develop a plan(s) to address these.

3.  Identify effective programs and ongoing training needs in order to develop a county/county joinder response to requests for SAP team development (i.e. additional training, county updates, team maintenance, research-based programs).

4.  Promote communication, feedback and conflict resolution among the child serving systems in the county/county joinder.

5.  Promote joint planning among child serving systems for resource development and effective service delivery.