SAP Training Providers Information and Materials

This page has various materials available for download, information for PA Approved SAP K-12 Trainers as well as submission templates to add a new event.

PA Approved Trainers

Professional training conducted by a PA Approved SAP Training Provider (PASTP) is required for team members to ensure the appropriateness of the recommended services, effective interagency collaboration and compliance with state and federal laws protecting the privacy rights of parents and students.
PA Approved SAP K-12 Trainers (as of 10/8/20).

Training Calendar

Calendar for upcoming Student Assistance Program trainings offered by PA Approved SAP K-12 Trainers. Calendar events conducted by trainers who have been approved in the SAP K-12 model for Pennsylvania.
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Event Submission Template

Trainers please use this template to submit SAP training/event information for the calendar.

Training Spreadsheets

Trainers please use the following spreadsheet to submit information for PNSAS certificates and Act 48 credit hours:

For trainings conducted after 7/1/2019 with 21 Act 48 hours/competency completed dates use download button on the right:






Materials For PA Approved SAP Training Providers

  • Resources
  • Handbook
  • Applications
  • SAP K-12 Bridge Training

Pennsylvania Student Assistance Program K-12 Training Standards and Competencies, 2020

Student Assistance Program (SAP) K-12 Training Standards Guidance Document, for designing, planning and implementing training, revised March 2020

Pennsylvania SAP SystemOverview (revised August 2019)   Pennsylvania SAP SystemOverview Black and White for easier copying (revised August 2019)

History of Student Assistancein Pennsylvania

Summary of Federal and State Legislation/Regulations that Impact SAP

Sample Letter of Agreement

Sample Flow Chart of SAP Process (revised 2/9/18)

Sample Student Assistance Program Referral Form

Sample SAP Team Meeting Agenda/Team Minutes

Sample Student Assistance Program Behavior Checklist and ESAP Behavior Observation Form

Student Assistance Program Sample Release of Information

Sample Student Assistance Program Case Manager Checklist

Sample Student Interview Checklist

Agency Application
Application and process are under revision and currently closed.

Lead Trainer Application
Applications accepted year-round as needed.
To submit a lead trainer application please contact your Regional Coordinator

Module for Standard 1: Foundations of SAP

Module for Standard 2: SAP Team and Process

Module for Standard 3: Working Collaboratively to Engage Families and School/Community Partners in SAP Process

Module for Standard 4: Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Issues
  Section 1 - Resiliency and Trauma
  Section 2 - Addiction and Substance Abuse
  Section 3 - Behavioral Health and Observable Behaviors
  Section 4 - Continuum of Care/Aftercare