Check this calendar for upcoming Student Assistance Program trainings offered by PA Approved SAP K-12 Trainers (as of 7/30/18).
These trainers have been approved in the SAP K-12 model for Pennsylvania.

Event Submission Template (Revised 6/01/18) - Trainers please use this template to submit SAP training/event information for the calendar.

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Event StartTitle
9/10/2018 Addiction Medicine at UPMC
9/10/2018 Wyoming Valley Alcohol and Drug Services
9/11/2018 Center for Humanistic Change
9/11/2018 Behavioral Health Training and Education Network
9/12/2018 Addiction Medicine at UPMC
9/19/2018 Caron Treatment Center
9/25/2018 St Vincent College Prevention Projects
9/25/2018 Montgomery County IU 23
9/25/2018 Blair Drug and Alcohol Partnership
10/2/2018 Geisinger Holy Spirit Teenline
10/2/2018 Lackawanna Susquehanna Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs
10/9/2018 Northwest Tri County IU 5
10/10/2018 Council of Southeast Pennsylvania Inc
10/15/2018 Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems
10/15/2018 Compass Mark
10/16/2018 Addiction Medicine at UPMC
10/17/2018 Diakon Family Life Services
10/18/2018 Caron Treatment Center
10/18/2018 Addiction Medicine at UPMC
10/23/2018 Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission
10/23/2018 Caron Treatment Center
10/24/2018 Just Community Project CARE
10/30/2018 Clearfield Jefferson Drug and Alcohol
10/30/2018 Addiction Medicine at UPMC
10/30/2018 Caron Treatment Center
10/31/2018 Compass Mark
11/12/2018 Compass Mark
11/14/2018 Addiction Medicine at UPMC
11/27/2018 Caron Treatment Center
12/4/2018 St Vincent College Prevention Projects
12/5/2018 Just Community Project CARE
12/10/2018 Diakon Family Life Services
12/10/2018 Addiction Medicine at UPMC
1/7/2019 Compass Mark
1/15/2019 Addiction Medicine at UPMC
2/5/2019 Addiction Medicine at UPMC
2/19/2019 Caron Treatment Center
2/19/2019 Addiction Medicine at UPMC
2/22/2019 Just Community Project CARE
3/4/2019 Compass Mark
3/5/2019 Geisinger Holy Spirit Teenline
3/11/2019 Diakon Family Life Services
3/12/2019 St Vincent College Prevention Projects
3/12/2019 Addiction Medicine at UPMC
3/19/2019 Caron Treatment Center
3/20/2019 Just Community Project CARE
4/8/2019 Lackawanna Susquehanna Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs
4/17/2019 Just Community Project CARE
5/1/2019 Addiction Medicine at UPMC
5/7/2019 St Vincent College Prevention Projects
6/4/2019 Addiction Medicine at UPMC
6/24/2019 Just Community Project CARE
8/6/2019 Addiction Medicine at UPMC
Other Events
SAP K-12 Bridge Training
The PNSAS has developed an integrated on-line SAP K-12 Bridge Training for both elementary and secondary Student Assistance Program (SAP) team members. Click title for more details